Moma Protocol is a product in the decentralized lending markets, whereas its core mechanism is Factory. This means that all the lending pools on Moma are built by users; it will allow Moma to have an unlimited number of pools result in unlimited liquidity of lending and currency support.


After months of research and development and a successful testnet launch , we are beyond thrilled to announce that on August 20th Moma protocol has been deployed to Ethereum mainnet and is now live! Moma Protocol Dapp link:

In terms of product security and in order to provide the…

1. Open Moma Protocol and connect the wallet

a. Open Moma Protocol Official website:, and then connect the Metamask wallet.

Cryptocurrency has it’s long tail version of its own, for those who do not know that concept, long tail assets are plentiful in the cryptocurrency industry. …

On the 22th of July, we have announced the launch of a beta version to all our community members, where we invited them to participate in our product testing, and we prepared three types of reward event for all participants to thank them for their continuous support. …

After our Moma Protocol Beta version launched, it has attracted great attention from our community members. At the same time, we also received feedback from many community members about our product. We are grateful for your enthusiastic participation and positive feedback on our products. …

On July 3th we have introduced Discord invite contest, to celebrate Moma Protocol IDO launch day, to thank the community for their continuous support and engagement, and to also invite more of their friends to be part of our Moma Family.

The winners of the Discord Contest have now been…

After a long period of development, Moma Protocol product will meet with community members soon. Before the official launch of the Moma Protocol product, we decided to launch a beta version to all community members and invite all Moma community members to participate in our product testing. …

Pool Builder Tutorial

Create Launch Pool

Step1: Connect your wallet

Only supports MetaMask wallet currently, and you need to hold some ETH in your wallet.

Step 2: Click on [Create&Manage] tab, then [CREATE MY POOL]

Ready to work:

Cross-chain tools: Chainge.Finance

Download and install the Chainge.Finance APP

Token preparation: MOMAT token and related Gas fee (ETH on the Ethereum chain, HT on the Heco chain)

Block explorer:

Ethereum block explorer:

Heco block explorer:

MOMAT contract address:



Detailed tutorial:

This tutorial is to cross-chain MOMAT on the…

Moma Finance

A Proprietary Solution to Meet the Growing Demands for Liquidity, Scalability and Speculation in DeFi Lending Markets.

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