Announcing the winners of Moma Protocol Public Beta Test Events

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2 min readAug 5, 2021


On the 22th of July, we have announced the launch of a beta version to all our community members, where we invited them to participate in our product testing, and we prepared three types of reward event for all participants to thank them for their continuous support. We have got excellent reviews from you regarding the beta version of Moma Protocol we would like to thank everyone who participated.

The winners of the Public Beta Test Events have now been announced. Please check this result sheet to check if you are one of the winners.


🏆 What’s the rewards for the winners ?

1-Rewards for MOMAT Airdrop Activity: Each winner will receive $10 worth of $MOMAT.

2-Rewards for MOMAT Airdrop Activity:

Top 10 Test MOMAT Token Holders will receive $300 worth of $MOMAT.

20 Lucky winners of Test MOMAT Token holders will receive $100 worth of $MOMAT.

Top 10 Test LC Token Holders will receive $300 worth of $LC.

20 Lucky winners of Test LC Token holders will receive $100 worth of $LC.

Please note:

In order to allow more participants to get rewards through our public beta activities and to grow our Moma community. We decided that a participant can only receive one reward to ensure a fair reward distribution.

How to claim your rewards?

We will distribute rewards to your winning address, after we have completed the distribution, you will be able to see the rewards in your the wallet.

How to add MOMAT token to your trust wallet, some info for you:

-Contract address: 0x865bB9A28041259b4baDAFD37799A288aAbbfC8c

-Name: Moma Token

-Symbol: MOMAT

-Decimals: 18

How to add LC token to your trust wallet, some info for you:

Contract address: 0x23b99002a1749cc4fB81D8a4a2d56ACF4A2B47ad

Name: Lichang Token

Symbol: LC

Decimals: 18

When the rewards will be issued?

The rewards will be distributed to the winners within 48 hours after the announcement, once the distribution is done we will send a notice in Moma Protocol official announcement channels.

Congratulations again to all the winners, thank you for being part of our journey so far, We hope you continue putting your trust and support to the Moma Protocol .

About Moma Protocol

Moma Protocol uses a proprietary smart contract factory to produce, manage, accelerate and aggregate the lending markets, creating an ecosystem that can expand infinitely on lending liquidity and market diversity.

The native governance token $MOMAT is now listed on MXC, HotBit, Uniswap, and Mdex.

Mxc (

Hotbit (

Uniswap (Contract address: 0x865bB9A28041259b4baDAFD37799A288aAbbfC8c)

Mdex (Contract address: 0x162EDC778dfD179A1E54E4bCAAf650Dc293BB2C9)








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