Extension notice: Moma Protocol public beta test reward events

After our Moma Protocol Beta version launched, it has attracted great attention from our community members. At the same time, we also received feedback from many community members about our product. We are grateful for your enthusiastic participation and positive feedback on our products. At present, our development team are still processing product feedback by users, and it will take some time to complete all product optimizations.

In order to allow members who recently joined our community to have enough time to experience our products, and to allow all community members to experience the complete product. We are thrilled to announce that our public beta events, which was originally scheduled to end at 23:59 UTC on July 29, will be extended to end at 23:59 UTC on August 3rd.

It means that the three activities of our public beta test will end at 23:59 UTC on August 3rd, including MOMAT Airdrop Activity; Product Testing Competition; Bug and Product Feedback Activity.

Moma Public Beta Event details(updated on July 29):

Public Beta Date: July 22 — August 3rd 23:59 UTC

Public Beta Results Announcement: results will be announced on August 5th through official Twitter and Telegram.

For details of the public beta activities, please read the article: https://link.medium.com/xXmKCcta6hb

Sincerely thank all Moma community members for your support!

About Moma Protocol

Moma Protocol uses a proprietary smart contract factory to produce, manage, accelerate and aggregate the lending markets, creating an ecosystem that can expand infinitely on lending liquidity and market diversity.

The native governance token $MOMAT is now listed on MXC, HotBit, Uniswap, and Mdex.

Mxc (https://www.mexc.com/exchange/MOMAT_USDT)

Hotbit (https://www.hotbit.io/exchange?symbol=MOMAT_USDT)

Uniswap (Contract address: 0x865bB9A28041259b4baDAFD37799A288aAbbfC8c)

Mdex (Contract address: 0x162EDC778dfD179A1E54E4bCAAf650Dc293BB2C9)

Website: https://moma.finance/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/Moma_Finance

Telegram: https://t.me/Moma_Official

Discord: https://discord.gg/VrrTqAm27j

Medium: https://momafinance.medium.com/




A Proprietary Solution to Meet the Growing Demands for Liquidity, Scalability and Speculation in DeFi Lending Markets.

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Moma Finance

Moma Finance

A Proprietary Solution to Meet the Growing Demands for Liquidity, Scalability and Speculation in DeFi Lending Markets.

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