Important Announcement: Moma Protocol IDO will be rescheduled due to current market conditions

Dear Moma community:

After consulting with our investors, advisors and listing partners, we have decided to reschedule our IDO launch on PAID Ignition and WeStarter, also our exchange listing dates. Setting sail when the weather is stormy and unstable is not wise. We trust that you would understand this difficult decision has been made with the intention to protect all our stakeholders’ benefits.

We have never ceased to grow. Results of our recent development:

- Moma Protocol’s beta version will be live in 2–3 weeks after auditing is completed by two top industry players in the field

- English community size has grown from 2.5k to 14.2k, in less than two weeks

- Twitter follower base has grown from 2.9k to 12.6k, in less than two weeks

- Global communities are running in English speaking regions, China, Vietnam, South Korea and Middle East

- 30+ media articles have been published

- 50 KOLs in different regions have joined us

- 10+ AMAs have been completed in different languages, more will be coming

- A few strategic partnerships has been formed (stay tuned for more announcements)

We will continue to grow and become stronger, and be prepared anytime to launch our token at a better market condition.

The new key event schedules will be announced when confirmed. Join our community so you will not miss important updates!

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