Infinite Liquidity through lending Long Tail of DeFi Assets

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2 min readAug 7, 2021


Cryptocurrency has it’s long tail version of its own, for those who do not know that concept, long tail assets are plentiful in the cryptocurrency industry. These crypto assets are typically months or even years in circulation, but suffer from low to no trading volume, so instead of abandoning these assets Moma Protocol wishes to provide them with infinite liquidity.

There are hundreds, if not thousands of long-tail assets waiting for a second lease on life in the cryptocurrency space alone. Outside of cryptocurrency, there has been a growing focus on long-tail assets. Many companies and organizations leverage these assets for profit-related purposes. Bringing them into the DeFi fold can unlock many interesting use cases, assuming the technology is there to facilitate it. Moma Protocol comes in at this stage, as the smart contract Factory allows clients to create fully customizable Lending Pools. With customizable pools, there is a chance the DeFi can address the challenge of liquidity faced by conventional tokens.

Users will be able to gain exposure to new markets they would otherwise not be aware of, whereas the assets themselves can go through a renewed spell of interest.

Moma Protocol has the vision to expand and scale this industry Infinite liquidity is an appealing concept.

More importantly, these long-tail assets can all benefit from extra “upgrades” including scalability. Various ideas have been experimented with in recent years, only to be held back by technical constraints. Combined with the renewed injection of liquidity and a potential new use case in the decentralized finance industry, there is an exciting market opportunity for long-tail assets.

At its core, this gives Moma Protocol a chance to create lending markets for long-tail digital assets. As there are hundreds of long-tail projects to choose from, some of them may play an intriguing role in the future of DeFi. As the industry is growing and evolving, users can explore some exciting new yield farming opportunities. Long-tail assets often have low liquidity, making them high APR candidates for liquidity providers.

About Moma Protocol

Moma Protocol uses a proprietary smart contract factory to produce, manage, accelerate and aggregate the lending markets, creating an ecosystem that can expand infinitely on lending liquidity and market diversity.

The native governance token $MOMAT is now listed on MXC, HotBit, Uniswap, and Mdex.

Mxc (

Hotbit (

Uniswap (Contract address: 0x865bB9A28041259b4baDAFD37799A288aAbbfC8c)

Mdex (Contract address: 0x162EDC778dfD179A1E54E4bCAAf650Dc293BB2C9)








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