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3 min readSep 17, 2021


Moma Protocol is a product in the decentralized lending markets, whereas its core mechanism is Factory. This means that all the lending pools on Moma are built by users; it will allow Moma to have an unlimited number of pools result in unlimited liquidity of lending and currency support.

As a Factory, Moma can theoretically produce different type of pools. The Lending Pool is just one of them. Besides, we describe another interesting pool as the Community Launch Pool.

Launch Pool sounds like the Launch Pool in Binance LaunchPad. The practical functions are the same. For Binance, we can stake BNB, DOT, BTC, BUSD, etc., to farm and earn the upcoming tradeable tokens; however, for Moma, we can stake various digital assets specified by the builder of the Pool (for example, if the X project opens a Launch Pool, it will be designated to stake X token to farm the incentives in the X Pool ), so as to get the incentives provided in this pool. Fundamentally, the core is to provide staking and farming functions, so that each project can fairly distribute its token to the community.

The differences between the Launch Pool of Moma and Binance are:

At first, what Moma operates on-chain through smart contracts; and the entire staking process is open and impartial.

Next, Moma’s Launch Pool is permissionless.When project needs to distribute tokens in the community, he can open a smart contract version of the Launch Pool by himself.

The last but not the least, Moma’s Launch Pool can be injected with a variety of incentive tokens, so it is very likely that the digital asset you staked can farm several different tokens, including Moma’s governance token — $MOMA.

Community launch is a distribution mode of token governance adopted by many DeFi projects. Through staking and farming, projects can obtain users, branding, and locked assets. On the other side, the Launch Pool of Binance also refers to the centralized version of the popular model in the DeFi industry; as a result, this demand exists objectively.

With the rise of DaoMaker, DuckDao, and Polkastarter, various implementations of the Coinlist model have satisfied the needs of public sales in the digital world, provided a certain degree of speculation. Compared with this fundraising situation, the Launch Pool provided by Moma not only reduces the users’ risk to zero, as there will be no loss of principal at all, but also satisfies the project’s need for initial token distribution. This can produce an excellent supplement to the form of public sales.

At same time,when you participate in Moma Launch Pool, it’s usually accompanied by a certain degree of speculation.For example,which pool would you choose? How to deal with the earned governance tokens? Which pool has the highest APY? The answers to these questions are the points of our speculation strategies.

Participating in the Launch Pool can bring huge value to various projects, and Moma has consequently become the accelerator and launcher of the project.

The application for MomaLaunch Pool, your Long term growth partner, is now open.

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The Community Launch Pool will become the best partner for project development.

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