Moma Protocol Beta Version is now live & three Reward Events for all community members participating in the beta test

After a long period of development, Moma Protocol product will meet with community members soon. Before the official launch of the Moma Protocol product, we decided to launch a beta version to all community members and invite all Moma community members to participate in our product testing. We have prepared three types of Reward Event for all participants.

Event 1: MOMAT Airdrop Activity

SHARE Moma Protocol Public Beta Event and WIN MOMAT Airdrop.

500 winners will be randomly selected from all the users who participated and shared Moma Protocol Public Beta Event , and each person will receive $10 worth of $MOMAT.

How to get MOMAT airdrop?

1-Follow our official twitter account


2-Join our community on Telegram group


3-Join our telegram announcement channel


4-Join our community on Discord


5-Follow our Medium channel


6-Like, Re-tweet the pinned tweet and @three friends


7-Complete this form


Event 2: Product Testing Competition

Launch Pool and Lending Pool are the core functions of the Moma Protocol product. This testing has prepared a prizable competition for users to discover Launch Pool and Lending Pool. The winners will share $5,000 worth of MOMAT tokens and $5,000 worth of LC tokens.

⚖️ Rules of the Competition:

During the public testing, users can earn MOMAT Test-Tokens and LC Test-Tokens through Launch Pool and Lending Pool.

When the public testing ends, there will be 10 addresses with the most MOMAT Test-Tokens to win $300 worth of $MOMAT. In addition, 20 addresses will be randomly selected from all the addresses that hold MOMAT Test-Tokens (excluding those that have already won $300 worth of MOMAT), and each address will be rewarded with $100 worth of $MOMAT.

10 addresses with the most LC Test-Tokens will be rewarded to win $300 worth of LC.In addition, 20 addresses will be randomly selected from all the addresses that hold LC Test-Tokens (excluding those that have already won $300 worth of LC), and each address will be rewarded with $100 worth of LC .

📝Please note:

1. The MOMAT Test-Tokens and LC Test-Tokens obtained through the beta version are both RINKEBY test network tokens with no actual value.

2. The MOMAT and LC rewards are ERC20 mainnet tokens with real transaction value.

3. Users need to discover the rules of the platform to earn MOMAT and LC Test-Tokens in the Launch Pool and Lending Pool. During the event, more Launch pools and Lending pools that can earn MOMAT and LC Test-Tokens will be opened from time to time.

4. The MOMAT and LC Test-Tokens earned in the Beta Version need to be claimed to your wallet at the end of the public testing, to be eligible for the rewards.

5. If the MOMAT and LC Test-Toknes in an address are found to be obtained through transfer or trade, this address will be regarded as a violation account and no rewards can be obtained.

6. MOMAT Test-Tokens contract address: 0x9dF4E28930174B79296de3316ACE0B2d9eE4a22E;

LC Test-Tokens contract address: 0xfa01d5b0fe7f4d77a928bf30a00fe550d45913ef

Event 3: Bug and Product Feedback Activity

The development team of Moma Protocol will give incentives according to the actual situation of bugs and product feedback from users. Bug and product feedback submission:

📝Please note:

1. For the same Bug or the same product comment, a reward will be given to the first user who submitted it.

2. Scope of rewards: $5–100 worth of $MOMAT rewards, determined by the Moma Protocol product team.

Moma Public Beta Event details:

Public Beta Date: July 22 — July 29 23:59 UTC

Public Beta Results Announcement: results will be announced on July 31th through official Twitter and Telegram

How to participate in the Moma Protocol public beta event?

Step 1: Create the MetaMask wallet

Refer to the tutorial by Matic:

Step 2: Switch the Network to Rinkeby Test Network

Open the MetaMask wallet, click the arrow, and select “Rinkeby Test Network”.

Step 3: Get the Ethereum Test Coin(Rinkeby Test Network)

First, please tweet content like “I am participating in product testing of #MomaProtocol: (your ERC20 address)” on your Twitter, such as:

Then, open the link:, copy-paste the tweets URL into the input box and go ahead!

You will receive ETH test Token soon.

Step 4: Get other Test Token(DAI、WBTC) of RINKEBY TEST NETWORK

After the Metamask wallet is linked to Rinkeby Test Network, open

Select the test Token (DAI/WBTC) you want to receive, and click “GET” to receive the test Token. Then add DAI/WBTC to your Metamask wallet.

DAI contract address(Rinkeby test network): 0xc7ad46e0b8a400bb3c915120d284aafba8fc4735

WBTC contract address(Rinkeby test network): 0x577d296678535e4903d59a4c929b718e1d575e0a

Step 5: Participate in the testing of Moma Protocol products

Moma Protocol beta version Link:

Moma Protocol Product Tutorial:

The above is the whole of our public beta event. Thanks to all Moma Community Members for your support. Hope you can give us more suggestions for our products.

About Moma Protocol

Moma Protocol uses a proprietary smart contract factory to produce, manage, accelerate and aggregate the lending markets, creating an ecosystem that can expand infinitely on lending liquidity and market diversity.

The native governance token $MOMAT is now listed on MXC, HotBit, Uniswap, and Mdex.

Mxc (

Hotbit (

Uniswap (Contract address: 0x865bB9A28041259b4baDAFD37799A288aAbbfC8c)

Mdex (Contract address: 0x162EDC778dfD179A1E54E4bCAAf650Dc293BB2C9)






A Proprietary Solution to Meet the Growing Demands for Liquidity, Scalability and Speculation in DeFi Lending Markets.