Moma Protocol Is now Live on Ethereum mainnet, Mining from 10:00 AM UTC on August 20th.

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3 min readAug 20, 2021

After months of research and development and a successful testnet launch , we are beyond thrilled to announce that on August 20th Moma protocol has been deployed to Ethereum mainnet and is now live! Moma Protocol Dapp link:

In terms of product security and in order to provide the best security for our users, our contract has been audited by Certik, a leading blockchain security provider.

Find the audit results here:

At the beginning of the launch, only Launch Pool functionality is available. Launch Pool is a customizable Pre-Lending Pool designed for community mining. Community tokens can be distributed for any project through the Launch Pool. The permission to create a Launch Pool is open to everyone, and anyone can create a Launch Pool through our smart contract factory.

During the initial Launch phase, we were honored to invite Lichang, our partner, to launch the ‘Lichang Launch Pool ‘at Moma Protocol.

About Lichang:

Lichang is the no.1 go-to community start-up platform for digital assets. We have the largest number of active holders of cryptocurrencies. Lichang, as a reliable and highly influential community platform, maximizes the value of the connections between projects, influencers, and crypto users.

Lichang plays the role of community-based start-up and accelerator, using powerful community resources to help our partners to grow quickly. With our rich industry experiences and resources, we empower our partners and accelerate their growth in Mainland China.

Users can earn LC and MOMAT rewards by staking supported tokens in the Lichang Launch Pool. Currently supported markets (Token) including: USDT、ETH、LC、MOMAT、LC/USDT LP Token、MOMAT/USDT LP Token. Means that you can Stake USDT、ETH、LC、MOMAT、LC/USDT LP、MOMAT/USDT LP to earn LC & MOMAT.

The specific market and corresponding rewards are as follows:

How to get MOMAT/USDT LP token?

You need to prepare USDT and MOMAT first, and then go to uniswap v2 or directly add liquidity through the following link. After completion, you will get USDT-MOMAT LP token.

How to get LC/USDT LP token?

You need to prepare USDT and LC first, and then go to uniswap v2 or directly add liquidity through the following link. After completion, you will get USDT-LC LP token.

Currently, already allows users to stake their tokens in the corresponding market. In addition, we will inject Lichang Launch Pool with corresponding incentives at 10:00 AM on August 20th, which means LC and MOMAT incentives will be released starting at 10:00 AM on August 20th.

How to use Launch Pool?

In order to allow all Moma community members to use Launch Pool easily, we provide you with a detailed tutorial:

MOMAT/LC Token information:


Contract address: 0x865bB9A28041259b4baDAFD37799A288aAbbfC8c

Name: Moma Token

Symbol: MOMAT

Decimals: 18


Contract address: 0x162EDC778dfD179A1E54E4bCAAf650Dc293BB2C9

Name: Moma Token

Symbol: MOMAT

Decimals: 18

LC Token(erc20)

Contract address: 0x23b99002a1749cc4fB81D8a4a2d56ACF4A2B47ad

Name: Lichang Token

Symbol: LC

Decimals: 18

Join the Community. Over the past several months, we’ve had a vibrant community, we can’t thank you all enough for the support and feedback as Moma Protocol has made its way through various phases of its development cycle. If you aren’t already part of our community , join us and be a part of the Moma Protocol ecosystem.








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