Moma Protocol Product Tutorial

Pool Builder Tutorial

Create Launch Pool

Step1: Connect your wallet

Only supports MetaMask wallet currently, and you need to hold some ETH in your wallet.

Step 2: Click on [Create&Manage] tab, then [CREATE MY POOL]

Step3: Fill in the Pool Information

Pool Information include: Pool logo, Pool Name, Website, Pool Description. After fill in these information, click “Submit”, Metamask wallet wallet will pop up the “Signature Request” window, click “Sign”, and click “Next”.

Step 4: Create My Pool

Click “Create” to initiate a request to create a pool. After confirming the transaction in your Metamask wallet. You can view the transaction status through the pop-up window in the lower left corner. After the creation is completed, click “Next”.

Step5: Create My Markets

You can select the token from the list, or you can enter the contract address in the input box to create the market. After the creation is completed, you can see the Market List you have created. The Market List contains Market logo, name, and contract address. Click “Next” to go to the NEXT step.

Step6: Add Markets to the Pool

This step adds the created Markets to the Pool. Click “Add” to add the corresponding market to the Pool. Click “End”, means that you have completed the Launch Pool process.

User Tutorial

Guide to use Launch Pool

  1. Stake

a. In the Launch Pool List, select a Launch Pool, click the pool module to jump to the Launch Pool details page, and then click the list market to jump to the stake operation page.

b. You can see “Wallet Balance” and “Staked” on this page. Approve first, and then enter the amount, and click “STAKE” to perform the STAKE operation.


a. To perform unstake operations in the Launch Pool, in addition to entering from the same entrance as the stake, you can also click “Dashboard” to quickly find pools you have already staked. Click the corresponding pool to jump to the pool details page.

b.In the list of details page, find the market where you are currently staking and enter the market to perform Ustake operations.

c. Switch to the UNSTAKE tab and enter the amount of withdrawals based on the wallet balance and Staked amount. Click the “UNSTAKE” button to initiate a unstake transaction.


Find the corresponding Pool on the Dashboard interface and click to enter the Pool details page. You can see your incentives on the Reward page. Click “CLAIM” to receive Pool incentive and MOMAT incentive.

Guide to use Lending Pool


a.Click “Lending” to enter the Lending Pool homepage. For the same asset, you can supply them in different Lending pools, which can be filtered according to APY and the trust level of the Pool Builder.

b. Click the asset logo, you can directly enter the asset details page. Click the Pool logo, you can view the Pool’s asset list, and click the corresponding asset in the list to enter the asset details page for operations.

c.Click “APPROVE” to authorize the ERC20 token you will supply.

d.Enter the amount and click the “SUPPLY” button to initiate a Supply transaction.


a. Enter the Dashboard interface, you will find the Lending Pool where you have already supplied assets. Enter the pool to view your supplied assets.

b. Click the “WITHDRAW” button, then jump to the withdrawal operation page.

c. Enter the amount and initiate a withdrawal transaction.


a. If the asset’s collateral factor > 0, means that the assets can be used as collateral. If it is equal to 0, the assets cannot be used as collateral and cannot be borrowed.

b. After the Supply operation is completed, enter into Dashboard page, find the corresponding asset you have already supplied, and then turn on the collteral button. This means you use this asset as collateral.

c.Switch to the Borrow tab and Select the asset you want to borrow in the asset list.

The borrow limit is displayed as the current maximum amount of assets that can be borrowed. Enter the amount you want to borrow and click “BORROW” to perform borrowing operations.

d.Pay attention to control the “Borrow Limit Used” within a safe range to avoid being liquidated.


a. Enter the Dashboard interface, find the assets you have already Borrowed under the Borrow tab.

b.Click “Repay” enter the Repay details page.

c.Enter the amount you want to repay, and click the “REPAY” button to perform the “REPAY” operation.


a.Enter the Dashboard interface, find the Lending Pool where you have already Supplied or Borrowed. You will see the incentives you have received. Click “CLAIM” to receive Pool incentive and MOMAT incentive.

b.When you are performing “Supply”, “Withdraw”, “Borrow”,”Repay” operations , Moma Platform will automatically settle the incentives you have received and send them to the wallet.

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