Moma Protocol will be live on Fusion network soon, supporting the mining of FSN, CHNG and other assets

The ETH and BSC versions of Moma Protocol have achieved stable operation. With Christmas just around the corner, we will also be rolling out the Fusion version of Moma Protocol and supporting mining of FSN and CHNG and other assets(including BTC、ETH、BUSD、USDT、LC、MOMAT in fusion network).

Why Fusion Network?

We believe that Fusion is a powerful public chain well suited for DeFi deployment. Currently, Anyswap and Chainge are all excellent products in the Fusion ecosystem. In addition, we hope that as part of the Fusion ecosystem, we can meet the lending needs of Fusion platform users, and enrich the applications of the Fusion ecosystem.

How can you participate in the mining of Moma protocol?

We will launch the Moma Launch Pool on December 23th to support the mining of FSN, CHNG and other assets.

To participate in Moma Protocol Mining, you need to prepare:

1. Digital assets supported by the Moma Launch Pool(BTC、ETH、BUSD、USDT、LC、MOMAT、FSN、CHNG);
2.MetaMask wallet, and configure the Fusion network (you can add through;
3. Transfer digital assets to MetaMask wallet and wait for Moma Launch Pool launch.

About Moma Launch Pool

Launch Pool is a customizable pre-lending pool designed for community mining. It offers incentives to all users who have deposited certain assets into the pool and activates community mining.

About the Moma Protocol

Moma Protocol is a proprietary solution that meet the growing demands for liquidity, scalability and speculation in DeFi lending markets. With Moma Protocol, everyone can create and manage lending markets. The protocol offers a proprietary customizable Smart Contract Factory which serves the lending markets and users in three roles: Factory, Launcher and Aggregator.

Institutions investing in the Moma Protocol include: Fundamental Labs and SevenX Ventures, AU21 Capital, Blocksync Ventures, DFG, FBG Capital, Oasis Capital, etc.

Contact us:





Official Website:https://Moma.Finance




A Proprietary Solution to Meet the Growing Demands for Liquidity, Scalability and Speculation in DeFi Lending Markets.

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Moma Finance

Moma Finance

A Proprietary Solution to Meet the Growing Demands for Liquidity, Scalability and Speculation in DeFi Lending Markets.

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