MomaProtocol x Bounce Finance — Whitelist Winners Announcement

We are happy to announce the list of MomaProtocol x Bounce Finance IDO winners, the registration process was a success.

The overwhelming success of the whitelist process of MomaProtocol x Bounce Finance IDO together with 200, 000 + registration at the GenPad, and the whitelist at WeStarter, shows how much our community support Moma Finance mission to bring he long-tail concept to the world of decentralized finance.

Whitelist Process Results :

Please find the list of whitelisted winners here : —

Please note:

1.In order to ensure the transparency and randomness of Whitelist Winners extraction process.The winning list is generated by algorithm. You can check the winning list generation process through the link:

2.Regarding the list of winners, in addition to being announced on our Twitter and Telegram, we will also contact the winners by email within 1 hour. Please note the only contact email is:

3. If your address is not included, it means that you are not eligible for the whitelist. However, this does not guarantee that you will successfully participate in Bounce’s IDO to purchase $MOMAT. The Bounce platform will follow the rules — first come first served, so be sure to show up in advance and be prepared!

Moma Protocol x Bounce IDO details :

IDO Date: July 6 11:00–12:00 AM UTC

Ticker: $MOMAT

Total tokens for sale: 138,888 $MOMAT

Token price: $0.36 per $MOMAT

Allocation per participant: 0.11 $ETH, equivalent to 687.5 $MOMAT

Claim Time: July 6 13:00 UTC

Listing Time:

  • July 6 13:00 UTC / July 6 21:00 HKT (Uniswap)
  • July 6 14:00 UTC / July 6 22:00 HKT (MXC & Hotbit)

How to join the Bounce IDO:

If you secured a spot on the MomaProtocol x Bounce Finance whitelist , the following tutorial will be very helpful to you:


We have not released our contract adress right now. Be aware of fake addresses and scammers on websites or Telegram.

Moma Finance team will never DM you under any circumstances.

Congratulations to all the winners and good luck in the IDO sale!🎉

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