$MOMAT Token Contract Address On BSC Replacement.

Moma Finance
1 min readNov 12, 2021

Dear users;

Due to some issues with the previous $MOMAT cross-chain contract, we have replaced the $MOMAT token contract address on the BSC mainnet today.

The previous original $MOMAT contract address on BSC was:0xc7C33ccE4B106313Dc8fcDFa899502266B29286d

And now, it has been been replaced by: 0x3fca6743e2fb55759fee767f3a68b2c06d699dc4

This means that the unique and valid token contract address of $MOMAT is 0x3fca6743e2fb55759fee767f3a68b2c06d699dc4

For previous $MOMAT holders, we have airdropped a new $MOMAT to your address, import the new $MOMAT contract address into your wallet, and you can find your $MOMAT. You can also check your account balance through https://bscscan.com/address/

Note that your staked $MOMAT in Moma Launch Pool & $MOMAT rewards you received in the Moma Launch Pool have also already been airdropped to your address.

In addition, $MOMAT and MOMAT-USDT LP holders need to re-stake in Moma Launch Pool, then you can receive $MOMAT

Thank you for your support.



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