Scam alert regarding Moma finance

Dear Moma community;

There has been a Moma related scam on various social media channels as we come closer to our official launch.. .

There is a pre sale scam on telegram running using Moma finance information.

We urge the community to stay vigilant and keep in mind the following :

  1. The only official Moma finance website is :

2.We have just announced a Pre-IDO on Genpad, and all other sales such as private sales or pre sales are not coming from us they are all fake

3.$MOMAT which is Moma finance governance token is not relased yet, and it’s not be listed in any exchange

4.The only official Moma finance telegram group is :

Please subscribe to our official telegram announcement channel( where we post the latest updates regarding Moma project

Would appreciate everyone to share this article and spread the worlds so no one fall into it

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