Tutorial | How to complete the MOMAT cross-chain operation through Chainge.Finance?

Ready to work:

Cross-chain tools: Chainge.Finance

Detailed tutorial:

This tutorial is to cross-chain MOMAT on the Heco chain to the Ethereum chain.

Step 1: Download the Chainge APP

IOS users: Download and install the Testflight version through the following link:

Step 2: Bind mobile phone number and complete wallet creation

Open the APP, enter the phone number and complete the phone number verification by the verification code.

Step 3: Add $MOMAT tokens in the “Wealth” page

Step 4: Transfer MOMAT tokens and related GAS Fee to Chainge wallet

This tutorial is to cross the MOMAT from the Heco chain to the ETH chain, so in this step, you need to prepare the MOMAT on the Heco chain in advance, and the gas fee-ETH required for the cross-chain, and then transfer the MOMAT and ETH to the Chainge wallet.

Step 5: Complete the cross-chain operation of MOMAT

On the MOMAT asset details page, click the “three dots” identified in the figure below, and click “Send” in the pop-up page to enter the “Payments” page.

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