Moma Protocol is now live on Fusion Mainnet, mining starts at almost 4:00 AM UTC on December 24.

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2 min readDec 23, 2021

The ETH and BSC versions of Moma Protocol have achieved stable operation. With Christmas just around the corner, we are pleased to announce that Moma Protocol has joined the Fusion ecosystem and is offering lending services to Fusion ecosystem users. Moma protocol has been deployed on Fusion Mainnet and is now live!

Moma Protocol Dapp link:

In terms of product security and to provide our users with the best possible security, our contract has been audited by Certik, a leading blockchain security provider.

The results of the audit can be found here:

At launch, only Launch Pool functionality is available on Fusion Mainnet. And we will be launching Lending Pool soon.

Users can earn $MOMAT rewards by staking supported tokens in the Moma Launch Pool on Fusion Mainnet.

The current supported markets (tokens) include: BTC、ETH、BUSD、USDT、LC、MOMAT、FSN、CHNG、LC/USDT、MOMAT/USDT. That is, you can Stake BTC、ETH、BUSD、USDT、LC、MOMAT、FSN、CHNG、LC/USDT、MOMAT/USDT to earn $MOMAT.

The specific market in Fusion Mainnet and the corresponding rewards are as follows:

How to add Fusion Network to MetaMask wallet?

Network Details

Network: Fusion Mainnet

Network URL:

Chain ID: 32659

Currency Symbol: FSN

Block explorer:

How to trade MOMAT and LC on the BSC mainnet?

You can get MOMAT and LC by trading on Chainge Finance.

Video tutorial:

MOMAT contract address (FSN) : 0xa33d4e49f6fb7b7027b8d8b1211b43d0f325be43

LC contract address (FSN) : 0x664cb7a0a0a86779f1a8748cc02f9872acad3e0a

Currently, already allows users to stake their tokens on the corresponding market. And the rewards will be released on December 24 around 4:00 AM UTC.

Some useful tutorials:

Tutorial | How To Use Moma Launch Pool

Tutorial | How to complete the MOMAT cross-chain operation through Chainge.Finance?

Join the Community.

We have had a vibrant community over the past few months. We can not thank you enough for the support and feedback you have given us as Moma Protocol has gone through the various stages of the development cycle.

If you are not part of our community yet, join us and become part of the Moma Protocol ecosystem.








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